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    Outdoor Digital Signage

    Outdoor High Brightness LCD Displays

    Panel Size: 43, 55, 65, 75, 85 inch
    Outdoor Grade: IP66/IP65/IP55
    Brightness : 3000-5000 nit
    Single Sided/Double Sided
    More Customized Design


    Touch screen Android WIFI network digital signage support 3g/4g waterproof outdoor kiosk
    Product Specifications

    Panel type 55”LCD display screen
    Active Display Area 1018x573mm
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Backlight LED
    Resolution 1920*1080
    Brightness 2000cd/m2
    Contrast ratio 3000:1
    Visible angel 178°(H) / 178°(V)
    Lifetime 60000 hours
    Other Component
    Port VGA,HD.MI(Optional)
    6mm AR toughened glass
    99.99% anti-ultraviolet 
    >50% of solar radiation
    >93% transmittance rate
    >3% Reflectance
    >50% solar heat insulation rate
    EBM Centrifugal wind Voltage 24V
    Working voltage 20.4-27.6V
    Starting voltage 12V
    Average speed 2400rpm  Minimum speed 2160 rpm
    Average current 0.26A   Maximum current 0.312
    Average power Accessed 3.12  Maximum 3.74
    Average airflow 74  Minimum airflow 66.6
    Average static pressure 2.0  Minimum static pressure 1.8
    noise 33db
    Intelligent temperature control system The fan speed can be automatically adjusted according to the operating temperature, with the heating function to meet the outdoor normal work of -40-55 degrees
    shell 1.5mm galvanized steel+Zinc base powder+outdoor powder
    Photosensitive probe Automatic Photosensitive Probe - Automatically recognizes the brightness of the surroundings by automatically adjusting the screen
    Lightning protection device Prevent lightning strikes
    Time switch Separable time setting timer switch
    Nano touch Touch Type Nano touch
    Touch way finger
    Touch effective recognition 5~8mm
      Touch accuracy ±5mm
      Touch points 10 points touch screen
      First touching response time less 10 millisecond
      Touches times Any
    Power Power input AC 108-115V   AC 208-240V
    Fan power supply 24V 480W or 600W
    Screen display and backlight power supply 24V+12V Hybrid power supply 200-400W
    Work condition Work temperature -20°C to +50°C  
    Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C
    Work humidity 5% to 100%
    Storage humidity 5% to 100%
    All-in-one unit Installation Floor standing
    Dimension 2100×860×220(mm)
    Color Black
    Material Mental
    Gross weight 180KG



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