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    Why Cafe Desktop Advertising Display So Popular?

    Cafe Desktop advertising display

    Key features:

    • Panel: 7 inch original LG, Samsung , Sharp screen

    • Smart stylish design portable mount

    • Mount type: both portrait landscape available,desktop

    • Glass material: tempered glass

    • Optional version: Standalone version, PC version, Android version

    • Applications: Cafe, Restaurant , hotel


      High-end fashion has always been the pursuit of cafes, so the deployment of desktop advertising has become an inevitable trend. So why is the desktop advertising machine very popular in cafes?

      First, the cafe desktop advertising digital display can play music videos and pictures to enhance the customer’s first impression. At the same time, it can update the news information and enhance the fashion of the coffee shop.
      Then, the cafe desktop advertising display casing is generally made of high-quality aluminum and other metal materials and powder coating process.
      Third, connecting the mobile phone can charge the product, which is very convenient and quick;
      Finally, the product is small in size, beautiful in appearance, small and exquisite, and highly decorative;

      In essence, this product can meet the service requirements of the cafe, bringing good reputation and benefits!

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