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    Differences and How to Choose Cooling Methods for Outdoor Dig


    Currently, there are three types of cooling systems for outdoor advertising machines on the market:


    Fan Cooling System

    Air Conditioning Cooling System

    Heat Exchanger Cooling System

    Envision outdoor digital signage

    Fan Cooling System


    The fan cooling system for digital signage is one of the most widely used methods. It alternates hot and cold air using variable-speed fans to achieve cooling.


    Its advantages are lower power consumption and lower future operational labor costs. However, its IP rating is only IP55, requiring frequent cleaning of filters and checking the operation of the variable-speed fans.


    Air Conditioning Cooling System


    Using the evaporation and liquefaction of refrigerant in the compressor, it can expel hot air from inside the machine.


    Digital signage with an AC cooling system can be completely isolated from the external environment, with a protection rating of IP65. It is more suitable for use in harsh environments where the ambient temperature is too high or too low, but at the same time, the cost and power consumption are higher than those of the fan cooling system. For safety reasons, the refrigerant required for the air conditioning cannot be transported with the machine. Therefore, an additional process of adding refrigerant is needed after the machine is transported to the designated location.


    Heat Exchanger Cooling System


    Digital signage with a heat exchanger consists of a fan and a finned tube radiator. The fan balances the internal temperature and transfers heat to the finned tube radiator. The high thermal conductivity of the finned tube radiator reduces the internal temperature. External air enters the radiator through specific air channels, and with the help of a second set of fans, continues the internal air circulation, achieving heat exchange between hot and cold air.


    Due to the filterless design, the enclosure will be completely sealed, achieving an IP66 rating. It ensures low power consumption and lower future maintenance costs. However, its cooling effect may not be as good as fan cooling, and heat conduction will only occur when the internal and external temperature difference is no less than 15°C, making it more suitable for regions with moderate climates.


    Envision Commercial Displays


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