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    Rental LED Screen for Events


    Normally the rental type LED display will be installed for stage effect, conference, concerts, car exhibition and shows, weddings, sports events, advertising, DJ booths, various applications.





    For outdoor event, we adopt high brightness LED to make the LED display clearly in sunlight. For indoor event, black LED is the necessary option for best contrast ratio. Besides high refresh, perfect performance on low gray scale are the key points of event designers. We also focus on color consistency which many clients complain other companies poor color block issue. Envision concentrate on Presenting Excellence




    Strong and impact locks for each cabinet make easier and more quick installation and dismantle. Removable power/control box make front and rear maintenance faster. Test button, power and data indicator, LCD monitor are very helpful in every event. Smart design circuit to make horizontal and vertical without ghost line. Design to prevent LED from caterpillars and cross type appearance. Envision design make LED display reliable for your reputation in the rental market.






    Hanging, stacking, flight road cases


    Limited by locations and law, rental LED display sometimes hanging installation by truss and hanging bar, sometimes stacking on the ground. When they move to various sites, the flight road cases is necessary for loading and moving.







    Stability depends on 3 factors. Firstly LED display material. We adopt high quality LED chip with professional LED encapsulation, high performance driving IC, 4 or even 6 layers PCB, and stable power supply. Secondly cabinet design as we demonstrated in above. Thirdly production technology. Envision is the one of most all-automatic-machine LED display factory for important production process and quality assurance test. Therefore our LED display defect pixel ratio is much lower than industry ratio, besides we adopt all gold-printed plugs to make power and data plugs stable.



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